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Dreamsailer, that is first of all a group of friends who wanted to make music together. But it’s also a whole project they imagined together, and – let’s say things as they are – a pretty cool project. Because it's the great combo of these 3 things: to make beautiful and original music, to try to raise funds for beautiful causes, and to send a beautiful message (yeah, you got it, that’s 3x beautiful).

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Echo is the band formed by this group that conceived the Dreamsailer project, a band that mixes vocal polyphony, unusual instrumentation and energetic modern rhythms. But since a guy of the group was already working on various music concepts in solo, he offered to involve all of his songs in the project. So here you will also find the music of Northunder, the combination of immersive medieval-fantasy musical universes and crazy metal rhythms, of Nightingale, pretty spacey tracks that explore a lot of various tones, and finally of Myriad Ways, remixes of classical music in creative and modern ways.

Basically, we are not music pros, but we challenge ourselves to make music as professional as possible while starting from nothing, using as little means as possible, and remaining volunteers. (and therefore amateurs). Right now we are at the very beginning of our journey and our caritative project is still only a project : we don't feel like selling our music since we still have a lot of progress to make. But it's already pretty nice, so imagine what it will be in a few years: I think it's worth for you to follow our evolution :)

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