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The musical concept behind Echo basically consists in : "Hey, we have 4 singers, a violin, a recorder, a trombone, a piano, a guy playing a little drums, bass, etc. Let's make something fun out of it !"

The result is an quite original music, that varies a lot from track to track, with influence as large as celtic dance and baroque polyphony, and the whole thing driven by powerful rock rhythms.


Echo is also committed to carrying a nice message. As its members first met in a band that provides musical entertainment for masses, they want to share their vision of faith. Because they think that the world often has an image of it that does not have much to do with what it means to them, which is something infinitely more beautiful. A message of openness to understand each other better. Stuff like that.

Clémentine Délèze - Vocals & Recorder

Guillaume Délèze   - Music & stuff

Orianne Fellay        - Vocals

Robin Fellay           - Trombone

Gwenaëlle Joris     - Vocals and Guitar

Jules Joris             - Piano & Music Videos

Océane Pittet        - Violon

Elodie Rapin          - Vocals

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Before this whole Dreamsailer thing, there was just a group of friends that wanted to make music together. The band they form is Echo.  

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