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We think so much good music has already been written : magnificent melodies, brilliant harmonies… It would be a shame no to use it.

For example, why should a beautifully expressive melody by Chopin always be heard in the same context, with the same raw piano tone, expressing the same emotion? What a loss! Music of the past is basically a treasure waiting for us to dig into it. Here we are to make up for this loss!

The magic thing when you play music is that, every second, you face countless possibilities, you face myriad ways. The composer gives you notes on a score, then you do whatever you want with it. You can play it the way specialists think it has to be played (which might be far from how the composer would have played it), or you can use it to express whichever emotion you are feeling at the moment, to tell whichever story you would like to tell… And if you want to play the Moonlight Sonata in an “epic music” way and then in a “doom metal” way, you can. Everything is possible!

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For this project, we take masterpieces of « art » music and remix them in various ways. Sometimes, we try to remain faithful to the essence of the original, sometimes we just take it as raw musical material and use it to build something cool and new.

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